Top 10 Longest sixes in international Cricket

Now-a-days, the game of cricket is meant for some huge lofties along with a great power. The more the power in hitting  the ball is, the more the ball will jump over the stands. And the outcome? Yes, the total entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. So, lets take a look at the list of which player has scored the most loveliest and longest lofties and has given the crowd only one word of entertainment.

10. M.S DhoniYes, what the best finisher of the world can do better than this? M.S Dhoni, in the Commonwealth, in a match against Australia in 2011-2012, had hit a huge of lofty of 112 meters.

can you believe it?And that even at the last over of bowling, where India needed 12 runs of last 4 deliveries. And that perspective pressure in mind, Captain Cool as always couldn but hit a huge six at that instant, thereby winning hearts of millions.