Top 10 Twin Pairs in Cricket History


Alec Bedser and Eric Bedser were one of the finest twin matches in English cricket. Alec figured out how to speak to England, yet his sibling never made it to the world class level, notwithstanding grabbing 837 wickets in 457 top notch amusements. They won the County title 7 times together post the Second World war.

4) BEDSERS BROTHERS (South Africa)

There were another arrangement of Bedsers siblings who played perceived cricket and even they were named Alec and Eric, which must be the mother of all co episodes. Them two spoke to South Africa in the 70s.


Of the three Shevill sisters, Fernie and Irene were the primary arrangement of twins to play global cricket and their more youthful sister Essie played for Australia as well. These three spoke to the Australian side in the inaugural Women’s Test arrangement against England in 1934.


Hamish Marshall and James Marshall were the principal indistinguishable twin match to play worldwide cricket together. Together, they played 20 Tests and 76 ODIs from 2000 to 2008. Ricky Ponting thought that it was difficult to recognize the distinction and he normally spotted them with their stickers on the bat.

1)WAUGH BROTHERS (Australia)

Both Steve Waugh and Mark Waugh had a perpetually enduring effect on Australian cricket and most likely they are the best twin combine to have played together. Together, they heaped up more than 35000 global runs and 73 universal tons. Both these players highlight in the main ten most astounding run getters in Australian cricket.